Choose a 

level of support

Your plan will be specialized to fit your needs!


*Create, implement, and modify goals

*Evaluate, improve, and support thyroid, hormones, and gut health

*Moderate your macros and work with your biofeedback to optimize performance and quality of life

*Enhance/Improve body composition


*Customized macros or portion size

*Nutrition education, tips, support


*Weekly check ins

*Monthly calls

*My personal cell number


If you are well into your nutrition and wellness journey, this level of support is what you need. You will get beginning macros based on where you are to help you reach your goals. Each week, we will communicate about your hunger and performance via text to make modifications to your macros, and. have one phone call per month to dig deeper into your habits and patterns. This is also the step-down from the Accelerated and VIP levels of support to assist you in becoming more independent.


If you have a general understanding of nutrition and fitness but need more education and assistance with making the necessary tweaks to fully meet your goals, or feel stuck in a plateau with no way out, this is the level for you. We will work together to create a plan to move you forward, then educate you in the areas you need to expand your knowledge. We will then apply what you have learned to assist you making the behavior and mindset changes to see the results you desire through text, email, and 2 phone call conversations per month.



Here you will get the most support as you start your nutrition and wellness journey. It is also the level to be at if you are working through specific health conditions or feel you have tried everything. We will begin with the basics of nutrition, fitness, and how the body works with the food we give it. As you get comfortable attaining weekly goals, you will learn more complex concepts built around the SHREDS model of biofeedback and mindset. Weekly strategy meetings via phone or Zoom allows you the greatest amount of access to the supports you need in creating the healthy life you want.