Celebrating the people who transformed their lives with our support

When we first started working with Laura, we had only the intention to follow her nutritional guidance for a couple of months or so. That couple of months turned into an ongoing nutritional coach for us long-term because of the results we saw right away, along with the support we got. 


Laura does not follow a “one size fits all approach” and that is what really drew us to her coaching. She has so much flexibility in how she goes about working with each and every person. We learned so much about things we could change w/in our lifestyle and eating habits and saw results after 2 months!


It was amazing to learn so much about the body and how small changes can really change the way you feel and appear. Drinking enough water consistently through the week was never easy for us, but she helped us to slowly make small changes to improve.  She also introduced us to Macros and showed us that it isn’t as complicated as we once thought.  We’ve tried endlessly to eat “better” and her focus on Macros has helped us to break a lifelong failing of choosing one “diet” to stick to.  She helped to show us how to follow and track everything we are putting into our bodies. 


We also found out just how experienced and knowledgeable Laura is about fitness, the body, nutrition and life, in general!!! Weekly check-ins allowed us to talk about what is going on in our personal lives and work, and how it impacts eating habits. Laura is always very positive and makes a very comfortable environment for sharing our issues, accomplishments, and opportunities for improvement.


/// Lindsy & Amy


I am really thankful and blessed by all you have done for me the past two+ years.  I was working out today, saw myself in the mirror and was shocked at how I looked.  I have been a textbook case of trial and error in my fitness journey and it is definitely not a linear process as you well know.  Your nutrition coaching and our many conversations are a big testament to what I saw today.  I have been physically performing well for some time but to also have the muscle build I am seeing has been definitely worth the work, time, and sometimes frustration. You are a terrific coach and person.  As a former CF L1 I don’t make that statement lightly.  I am appreciative to have you as a coach and more importantly as a friend. Truly one of the best coaches I have personally had.

/// Nick Cullinan


I started working with Laura in September of 2018. I joined the “Look better naked challenge” and she was my coach. I was new to CrossFit and wanted to learn more about eating right to fuel my body for the sometimes grueling workouts. I learned so much in a short time but felt like there  was still so much more that I didn’t know so I began working with Laura one-on-one after the challenge. I had one goal in mind “die less during workouts, specifically cardio heavy workouts”. 


Laura spent so much time with me, explaining everything so that I understood why I was doing what I was doing. She taught me to count macros, gave me snack ideas, helped me learn how to meal prep, and helped me understand the importance of the 80/20 rule. I had done so many fad diets but always ended up gaining more weight because I never gave myself permission to eat out or have cake on my birthday or have a drink. She helped me understand that all of that is okay and deprivation is what will cause me to fail. The best thing about Laura is that everything is truly tailored to the individual she’s working with. This includes everything from weight/measurement frequency to how food is measured and tracked.  She is always available to talk, and at many points on my journey has probably functioned as more of a therapist for me than a nutrition coach.  As of today, I am down 16 lbs, numerous inches, and 2 jean sizes AND I am “dying less” in my workouts! 🙂 More importantly to me, however, I have truly adopted a new lifestyle. She has taught me that I can have my cake (and eat it too) and for that I will be forever grateful! I would recommend Laura’s coaching to anyone—whether you’re an avid CrossFitter, new to the gym, or simply looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle! 

/// Ashley Ulsh