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What Kobe Taught Me

I have been interested in basketball my whole life. When I was 5 years old, my dad was the head varsity girls' basketball coach (as well as the high school principal) in the town where we lived. That was the year I became a pseudo-cheerleader and cheered at games with the big girls. These are not my most fond memories of elementary school. I was a chubby girl, and I couldn't do a cartwheel. I'm sure you know that cheerleading and doing cartwheels go hand-in-hand.  

What I did grow a love for (outside of cookies and potato chips) during that time was the sound of sneakers squeaking up and down the floor, the smell of the hardwood, and the echos of cheering and clapping.

I played basketball until 9th grade when all the other girls became much taller than me, and I got a boyfriend. 

I have never been a fan of watching basketball on television. I would rather be in the experience of it all, though my husband will tell you that my vernacular takes a turn for the profane, so I should probably stay home.

I'm not a fan of Kobe Bryant. I'm not a fan of any one particular player in any sport. So, when he was killed this week, I was shocked due to his untimely death but not upset to the degree that others are.

This tragedy (for the families and friends of all 9 people on board the helicopter) did make me think long and hard. 

Here's what I know from all the stories about Kobe this week: HE LIVED HIS LIFE!  

Kobe Bryant went after the things he wanted that would make him feel happy, fulfilled, successful. He went after those things without excuses holing him back. He felt fear and lacked confidence at times, AND HE DID IT ANYWAY!

Just when we thought he was done, he wasn't. He was transitioning into a different journey in his life. He kept moving, living, experiencing life. When I think of what he must have been like on a daily basis, I picture him in a constant state of motion either in his mind or with his body. He didn't settle for mediocre, and he didn't put off things for tomorrow. 

Fear is just a state of mind that we have control over! Feeling a lack of confidence is just a state of mind that we have control over! Setbacks and obstacles are there to be overcome, so that we can experience joy, success, self-fulfillment, and work!  Life is work. Kobe's life wasn't easy, even after he became famous and a superstar, and that didn't stop him. He kept moving, living, working!

What's holding you back? That's what I asked myself. What states of mind do I harbor that keep me from moving, living, succeeding at the things that bring me joy, confidence, and fulfillment.

What's holding you back?

Tragedies happen every day.  What do we learn from them about ourselves? What's holding you back from living, no, THRIVING?

My mission is to help people to thrive in their best lives, whatever that means for you!

Your biggest fan, Coach Laura

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