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What Do You Need to Clear Out?

Things have been rather exciting for me over the past week!  I know there isn't such a thing as "Fall Cleaning", but it seems I have stumbled upon a new thing!

Saturday I was fortunate to spend an hour working with folks around the topic of stress. We did a little informational piece about what is stress and how does it affect our bodies and lives, and then we got into the actual, REAL-LIFE stuff of stress!  

Frankly, these people were BRAVE! Each one of them created a T-chart and placed the things, activities, and people in their lives that either cause them stress (Sympathetic system) or help relieve or abate stress (Parasympathetic system). 

The conversations around their T-charts, a.k.a. their lives, was incredible! Some of us struggled acknowledging the stressors in our lives, while others had no problem with that but couldn't find what helps them relax/calm down/unwind.

Then things got really saucy!  We worked together to create plans for those stressful times for each other.  We started to "clean up" the stress in our lives right there in those moments!

WHAT?!?  I know, right!

That's what this is about!  We were able to get objective perspectives and new ideas about how to deal with/work through/let go of some of those stressors!  

Do you know what we found? We found that at least a few of our stressors come from our...very...own...thoughts! 

Unfortunately, or fortunately, the work is not yet complete. That is how these things work. Stress will never be completely out of our lives, and that is a good thing. There are definitely good stressors and bad stressors. 

Sometimes, well most times, it is good to have someone to help and support us through those stressful times whether they are good or bad. We always need someone to listen and someone to celebrate with us!

Let me know what questions you have around what and how stress affects our bodies and what I can do to support you! Also, let me know what you need to clear out!

Always, Coach Laura

PS I cleaned out some drawers and the closet to rid myself of clothes that don't serve me and was able to work through some "shitty" thoughts.

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