• Coach Laura

This IS a journey!

Here it is. In your face. Sometimes that's what we need the most. Changing your body takes time! It is a journey! That path will have cracks, bumpy spots, branches strewn about, and maybe even seem completely washed out at times.   Some days, you will find flowers along the edges, smooth downhills, and sunshine beckoning to you through the trees. Along the way, you will need support in understanding, acknowledging, and changing your behaviors in a variety of situations, which happens best in the times before, during, and after the event. You will need someone who knows how to guide your nutrition assess your movement to stand you up when you stumble and double high five you when you succeed. This is certainly a process and one that, given time and attention, can CHANGE YOUR ENTIRE LIFE!

Don't wait. This is the perfect time.

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