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That Darn Scale!

Do you have one of these at home? Does it have a name? A nickname? One you can say in public? In front of your kids? Grandkids? We give that thing so much power!  I am surprised there isn't a comic book hero named after it? Or maybe it would be her evil arch-rival! We allow the number that appears on that scale to affect our emotions, our self-worth, our confidence, and so many other things. Why? The reality of the number is that represents the amount of gravity that is pressing down on us. That's it! That's all! The number isn't an accurate or reliable measurement of our body composition.  And really, when we talk about wanting to "be" a certain weight, we are usually talking about looking a certain way (leaner, more muscular, more fit = body composition).  There are a variety of reasons the scale can go up or down. 1. Feeling sore from an intense workout? Your muscles hold more fluid when you're sore, so the scale will go up. 2. Did you go out to eat? Most restaurants add a plethora of flavorings to your food (sodium) making your body hold water, which makes the scale go up. 3. Have you been experiencing more stress? Cortisol is released into your body when you experience acute stress or prolonged stress allowing your body to hold fluid, which makes the scale go up. 4. Are you recovering from an injury? Inflammation is your body's way of healing and protecting, which makes the scale go up. All of these things can be mitigated in a short period of time helping your body relax and release the water it is holding onto, which will make the scale GO DOWN. How do we know when the weight is due to one of the above or when it truly is our body gaining fat? Isn't that what we really want to know in order to continue making the healthy changes we are, so that we can thrive? It starts with having someone in your corner who understands how intimidating that scale can be and who has been where you are and wants to be your partner in your journey.

My Mission is to help you thrive in your best life, whatever that means for you! Your biggest fan, Coach Laura Stick with me. Invite your friends and family to like my Facebook page (@lauralcoaching) and follow me on instagram (@coachlaural). Please share this with anyone you care about who it could help.

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