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Start Where You Are!

Beginning something new can be challenging at best and sometimes downright terrifying! Particularly if you are taking steps to make a significant change in your life. I have lived with anxiety most of my life, though I was unaware that what it was until some good friends of mine pointed it out to me during a weekly game night. With anxiety comes a unique level of awareness around other people's perceptions of you as well as your own sense of overwhelm at trying on new things.  Everything seems larger than life! You don't need a diagnosis of anxiety (my doctor did confirm this) to feel anxious about taking steps to have a better life, it's a rather natural feeling! That's a time when a good plan might be to just take things one small step at a time.  The text above is from a client who has been working on eating more throughout the day. She is extremely busy, hates grocery shopping, is tired when she gets home, and doesn't want to spend time cooking. Together, we decided that ordering her food online, then picking it up on her way home for the evening, would alleviate some of the feelings of overwhelm around making her meals ahead of time. We found out that we are both a bit technologically deficient, so Youtube gave us the avenue to learn how to use Hy-Vee Aisles Online!   Once we had that figured out, we made a goal for my client to place an order. We talked through what she would want for meals the coming week and created a shopping list. When asked how confident she felt about making the order happen that day, she rated herself a 9 with a 10 being the fact that she had actually accomplished her goal. As you can see, she is definitely a 10! Not only did she order her groceries online within an hour of our conversation, she picked them up on her way home with her plan for the next day of grilling everything and creating her meals for the rest of the week. For most of us, our ultimate goal might be to have more muscle, lean out, or get off our medications. She has her own ultimate goals. None of us will reach those if we don't start where we are!  She is a success! She has taken some big first steps, and now we will continue to move forward looking right in front of us--not at the goal line. Often, we just need someone to break it down for us, give us our first steps, and celebrate when we stand up and do it!  I literally cheered for her...out my house...when I got her text!  I am still smiling from ear to ear as I write this email.  Doing this work fills me up every day. What is your first step?

My passion is to help you make this your best life. Coach Laura "If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far, go with others." African Proverb

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