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I know it feels like an eternity until we get to experience a break from winter, but its coming, and faster than we think. So often, I hear people talk about and ask how to get their bodies in "Spring Break Shape" in a couple of weeks. Seriously, I wish there was a magic pill or "easy" button to make this happen for them!  It would be even more amazing if I was the one who had it! Sadly, I do not own any such device or pill, because there truly isn't one. To be truthful, we must begin the process for our "Spring Break Body" well ahead of Spring Break, and IT DOES NOT have anything to do with starving ourselves and working out more. What we need to be doing is finding the foods and amounts that work for our bodies, manage our stress, be comfortable in our relationships, do the appropriate amount of exercise and recovery, and sleep! When we set up our bodies for success well ahead of vacations, because we are doing all of the above on a daily basis and living a life of wellness, we won't experience PTSD (Post Travel Stress Disorder) as intensely as we would had we starved and strained ourselves prior to gorging ourselves on food and leisure. My first question to you is, "What is a spring break body for you?" From there, we start to unpack the beliefs around the importance and health aspects of looking a certain way for a certain period of time. Inevitably, we get around to the practices and behaviors that are part of our current lives and what beliefs, practices, and behaviors might need to happen moving forward.

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