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New Year, New You...No Way! Part Deux

So, you now have a T-Chart with one column of things you DON'T want to change about yourself/your life and one column of things you DO want to change about yourself or your life. Time to move ahead!

STEP 1: Take the first column and keep it somewhere you can access it often to remind you what makes you amazing!

STEP 2: Grab a blank document (piece of paper). Create 3 columns titled: 1 Month, 6 Months, 12 Months

STEP 3: Look at your list of things you want to change. For each item, decide how long it might take you to make that change. Choose the appropriate column (1 Month, 6 Months, 12 Months) to add it to, knowing that there is a bit of flexibility in those times frames. 

*Step 3 might take you a bit of time to accomplish. While working on it, you may think of other things that need to change prior to the item you have listed. Please add these to the appropriate list and color coordinate it with the original item (highlighter works well).*

As always, this is not an activity you need to have done perfectly the first time. This is to get you thinking about what successes for you to focus on for the next year.

Once you get those 3 columns done to your satisfaction for now, it's time to start thinking about the small steps (maybe daily routines/activities for some) you can do to reach each of those targets. 


2020 is coming at you, what will you do to make your life even more amazing? You have a start. If you want someone to bounce ideas off or help plan those action steps, reach out to me!

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