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New Year, New You? No Way!

Wait...HOLD UP!

I like you just the way you and yesterday and the day before!

I don't want a new you. I guarantee you don't want a new you. Maybe you want an improved you. I get that. In fact, I want the same thing for myself. 

Where do we start with that process? It seems a bit overwhelming sometimes, particularly with the pressure of a new year, a new decade, a new start. Gah! I just want to hide under the covers and wait until it all blows over, which we all know happens around the second week of February for most.

You know I wouldn't leave you hanging, or hiding as it were. That's just not who I am!

Improving ourselves starts with knowing what we want to improve.  There are many parts of you, pieces of your personality, values you believe in that you don't want to or need to improve upon. That is actually a great place to start.

What don't you want to change?

If you're like me, and you go a bit old school on occasion, grab a piece of paper and a writing utensil to make a T-Chart. For those of you who would need to rifle through some deep, dark junk drawer to find something to write with, open a document on your phone or computer for said T-Chart.

STEP 1: Make two columns, and the first one has to be that bold-faced question above. The second will be: What I Want to Change.

Take your time. Think this through. You must get at least 10 items in the "Do Not Change" list prior to moving to the "Want to Change" list.

That's it...for now. Be looking for my next email this weekend for STEP 2.

Coach Laura

PS. I find it helps to have someone else you know doing this activity at the same time. So, go ahead, share this with a friend, get your T-Charts started, and be ready to work through this process for improvement together!

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