• Laura Vinger

Making that New Year’s Resolution?

We know the idea of a resolution sounds good in the moment.

We also know making them usually leads to disappointment in ourselves because we didn’t achieve that lofty goal.

Why don’t resolutions work?

👉it is usually a vague goal

👉it is a long term goal

👉we don’t make an actual plan

👉 when it gets tough, we are left to figure it out on our own

Make 2021 the best year yet!


✅Don’t make a resolution—make monthly goals!

✅Take those monthly goals and create weekly targets!

✅Take those weekly targets and plan what you can do EACH DAY!

✅Have someone in your corner to support you!

I have two openings for clients beginning in January! I keep my client roster small, so that I can give you the time and care that you need to make your daily/weekly/monthly targets and goals a reality!

You will be supported in all areas that affect your health and wellness: sleep, stress, digestion, nutrition, and movement.

This is the BEST time to join our group for the support you need for a strong start to a brand new year!

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