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Life Is Amazing!

This is an amazing time in so many ways!

We are all struggling with aspects of our current situation, but that doesn't have to be how it is for everything. There is always something we can find that is a positive. The best part: YOU get to choose how you see this time and what you DO with it! In 2011, Joe and I moved to Iowa from Colorado. He was moving into a position where he would be the principal of two middle schools. He would be in charge of building a new middle school and bringing the students, staff, and community together into one cohesive space.  I was moving out of the classroom and into the Instructional Coach position for 5-12th grades. Unfortunately, mine was a part-time job. It had been many, many years since I wasn't expected to be in a space for at least 8 hours a day.  Soon, I found myself feeling guilty about having "extra" time and not making as much money as I thought I should.  In order to make myself feel better, I started a yoga business. My time went from part-time work to part-time plus full! I spent 3 hours each day teaching yoga and multiple other hours creating my playlists and sequences in addition to the hours I spent planning and working with the staffs of three buildings.

It was fun. It was stressful at times. I was busy!

In 2013, we moved to the Western Slope of Colorado, and I started my first job as an Elementary Principal. Six months into this endeavor, I began to reflect upon my time in Iowa. I realized, I regretted NOT taking time to ENJOY the opportunity to work part-time.  I permitted guilt and what I thought others would think of me not working full-time to guide me to make decisions that otherwise I may not have done. I use that experience to inform every day of my life. I CHOOSE how I want to spend my "extra" time now. I make positives of negatives, so that my life is what I want it to be IN EACH MOMENT. How do I do that when there are things out of my control? I control what I can, and that is my perception of the situation. Do I struggle sometimes? Yes. I do. Then I reach out to someone who can support me with whatever it is I am struggling with. If I come across a challenge with my business, I talk to my mentor. If it has to do with my workouts, I reach out to my Crossfit coach mentors.  This can be an extremely productive time for each of us. I don't mean you have to "do" more things, maybe it is changing your mindset. Maybe it is finding that mentor who can help you with where and how to start, so that when life goes back to "normal" you have built a foundation for moving forward with whatWORKS FOR YOU!

Taking the first step can be the hardest part. I can help.

My mission is to help people to thrive in their best lives, whatever that means for you!

Your biggest fan, Coach Laura

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