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Gotta Love Pizza! 🍕

I love how pizza tastes! Even those left-over pizza slices for breakfast!

What I don't love is trying to fit it into my nutrition while sticking to my plan to reach my goals.

A pizza usually doesn't have enough protein and too much fat, not to mention the insane amount of sodium that makes the scale spike and take a few days to come back to normal.

So, how can we eat the foods we love without going completely off the rails or feeling bloated for days?

People ask me every day how to modify meals to get what they need nutritionally (adding veggies) and still enjoy a variety of foods.

So, I thought I would share an example of something I love...Pizza!

Loaded Supreme Pizza Casserole🍕

Macros for 1 serving (1/4th of the pan) ♡ 114 calories ♡ 15C 2F 8P



-150g diced bell pepper -130g diced onion -140g frozen broccoli florets, thawed (or cauli rice) -300g pizza sauce (I used a lower sodium version) -100g part skim ricotta (optional, you could skip it if you wanted. It just made this layer a little creamier)


-300g Italian style turkey sausage, cooked (you could sub out for lean beef for higher protein and lower fat) -32g turkey pepperoni -100g Velveeta shreds


1️⃣Preheat oven to 350F and spray 9x13 pan with non-stick spray

2️⃣Cook Italian sausage, or meat of choice, until cooked through. Set aside.

3️⃣In a large bowl, mix together all ingredients for sauce layer then spread evenly in pan.

4️⃣Spread cheese evenly over sauce layer, then top with sausage & pepperonis

5️⃣Cook for 30-35 min until cheese has melted & pepperoni starts to crisp

You could really customize this to your own macros & tastes pretty easily: 👍🏻Swap in any of the meats for turkey, beef, bacon, pepperoni (depending on taste and fat content) 👍🏻Swap in any veggies and as many as you want (great way to get some veg in for the day)! 👍🏻Swap in different cheeses (hard cheeses are better for gut health, use lower fat options, or non-dairy versions). Other ideas: 💡Make this a fun, family pizza party making event 💡Create personals pan pizzas for each family member using smaller pans 💡Using smaller pans, make and freeze different personal pan pizzas for your lunches each day Give it a try and upload a pic with your modifications with a review to our FB page @lauralcoaching or IG @coachlaural!

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