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Fear of the Unknown: A Metabolic Drama Starring Carbohydrates

Welcome to April and Spring!  This is a time for rejuvenation and rebirth...and not quite knowing what each day will bring. But that's Spring, right?  As I write this to you today, we will get to experience our first couple of  70-80 degree days, while being told we will be lucky to hit the mid-50's tomorrow!  

What a mental rollercoaster this time of year is for us, and with most of us being home for who knows how long, that just adds to the excitement of it all!

Fact: Our mind and our body is one connected machine.

We have talked about this in terms of stress, so let's address what fear has to do with it.  Fear is definitely an emotion that creates a negative stress response in our body (see last week's email for more on that).

"Yeah, Laura, I get stress, but what that have to do with carbohydrates?"

How many of us have a fear of carbohydrates? Our bodies don't fear carbohydrates, in fact, they NEED carbohydrates!  When we allow our fear of carbohydrates to impede our ability to connect with and listen to what our body needs to thrive, we add to the stress our body is under. 

Let me give you an example.

This past Friday, I had an unfortunate garage gym incident that left me with 4 stitches in my right hand. The most stressful part was spending 2 hours trying not to pass out or vomit due to my limitations around seeing my own blood. 

I slept most of Saturday and did not meet my macro goal. Truly, I was about130g of carbs short(I should be getting around 350g per day, which is up ~100 in the past 6 weeks). Part of that was due to a shortened eating window, and part was because I knew I wouldn't be able to do my workouts for next week with the intensity I am used to,so I purposely shorted myself hoping to stay weight stable.

I woke up Sunday morning and went for a run with Joe. When I got back to the house and weighted myself, I was up3 POUNDS!

"Hold up, Laura!  Society tells us that if we want to lose weight or can't workout, we should EAT LESS!" 

Sunday, I got closer to my carb goal. I was at 325. I did a run and a walk. Monday I woke up a pound lighter than Sunday.

Monday, I hit my macros. I did a back squat workout. I got to connect with a bunch of my nutrition clients that day, so I ended the day with only 7800 steps. I normally get between 15,000 and 21,000.

Tuesday...I was down another 2 pounds!

I did that with no cardio work (7800 steps) and one 15 minute moderately heavy back squat session.

I ate 350g Carbs, 60g Fat, and 140g of Protein.

I have continued to modify my workouts this week, but stay consistent with my macros...and I am losing weight very slowly. My goal is to keep my muscle.

The point here is when we are inconsistent or if we are willy-nilly adding or subtracting macros (not hitting our goals), our body can't trust us to give it what it needs to thrive, and our metabolism becomes afraid of our choices.

That creates the necessity for our metabolism to slow down, causing fat storage, lack of energy, cravings, and the scale to creep up. 

Usually, at this point, people ADD IN more activity!


Just like our minds, our bodies don't function well when we make decisions based on our fears. It's tough to know what to do.  

If this has sparked some questions for you and you want to explore the idea of making the scale work in your favor, schedule a complimentary consultation at  DON'T LET FEAR STOP YOU!

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